Parents and Family

With your son's interest in our brotherhood, you will have questions. Our hope is that you understand the ministry and vision of our fraternity. Many brothers would say that their involvement with Kappa Phi Epsilon defined their undergraduate experience. We work hard to help brothers be well rounded. It is important in life as well as business. We work to encourage academic success while building lifelong friendships. Our desire is that your son will pursue God’s vision at UF and beyond. When that happens, the motivation to excel in the classroom and in life for the glory of God follows.

Being a part of Kappa Phi does come with a financial investment to support chapter activities for the semester. Pledges and brothers see this as an investment in the ministry of Kappa Phi Epsilon as well as their college social experience. We appreciate and respect this investment and make every effort to leverage our resources for the good of the brotherhood.

Family Tailgate

Each fall, Kappa Phi hosts an annual family tailgate. This provides parents an opportunity to visit their son and learn more about the fraternity. We have a barbecue at the Kappa Phi House with music, fellowship and an information session where families can learn more about the fraternity from the chapter leadership and alumni board. The family tailgate is the best opportunity for parents to meet Kappa Phi brothers and alumni. More information about this years tailgate can be found below.