2015-2016 Executive Board Elected

On April 6th, the brothers of Kappa Phi Epsilon elected the new executive board for the upcoming school year. Congratulations to the following brothers and may God guide all of ...

Spring Rush 2015 Recap

Spring rush of 2015 began just like any other rush at Kappa Phi Epsilon – with preparation and prayer. We joined together as a brotherhood and planned for yet again ...

A New Place to Call Home

Friends, family, alumni, and supporters of our brotherhood, It is my great pleasure to announce that after months of prayer, steadfastness, and preparation, Kappa Phi Epsilon at the University of ...

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Month in Review – January 2016


This semester has gotten off to a great start for the Alpha chapter! Provided below is a short summary of some key happenings from the month of January.


The Spring 2016 rush week produced a 28-man strong pledge class: the largest spring pledge class to date. We are very excited to see the promising Omega pledge class grow in God and in unity into strong brothers of the fraternity!

Alumnus Erik Yeary addresses the brotherhood during rush.

Alumnus Erik Yeary addresses the brotherhood during rush.




Throughout the semester, we participate in various service projects, From serving Gainesville’s homeless population to volunteering at events for charity, service is a core value of Kappa Phi. We view these as unique opportunities to both serve as Christ did and to fulfill the “great commission” (Matthew 28:16 – 20).

In January, Service Chair Michael Kramer led groups to Dignity Village to serve food and pray with the homeless individuals who live there.

Dance Marathon

The entire chapter is always mobilized for participating in Dance Marathon! Our chapter’s delegate, Michael Kramer, is leading the brotherhood in all things Dance Marathon for this school year. Five brothers of Kappa Phi are serving as captains, working year-long to make this Dance Marathon the greatest yet: Chehade Boulos (Multimedia), Matthew Duggar (Operations), Taylor Dunphy (Hospitality), Jacob Leuze (Public Relations), and Patrick Rathbun (Entertainment). Additionally, many of our brothers have registered to dance for the 26.2 hour-long event.

Dance Marathon is the most successful student-run philanthropy in the Southeastern US. It is directly affiliated with the Children’s Miracle Network, and the proceeds go to UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital.

Brothers who danced stopped for a quick picture following last year's event.

Brothers who danced stopped for a quick picture following last year’s event.

We encourage any willing individuals to donate to our Dance Marathon account to supplement our fundraising efforts. To contribute, click here.

Featured Brother: Hunter Brown


Hunter Brown

Meet Hunter.

A second-year mechanical engineering major, Hunter came to the University of Florida in the Fall of 2014, rushing Kappa Phi the same semester. Hunter grew up in a Christian home and was raised in the church, adhering to a strong moral standing. However, it wasn’t until his senior year in high school that he found a personal friend in Jesus Christ and dedicated his life to God. When asked about his testimony, Hunter said, “Since then [sic], I have gone through a spiritual journey that has led me closer to God and closer to others. Making God first in my life has changed my relationship with all people and has transformed my life in a way nothing else could.”

Life in college has its challenges, and Hunter knew he needed a good, Christian influence during his time in college. When asked about why he chose Kappa Phi, he stated, “Coming to rush and seeing everyone fellowship and worship [sic], I realized that this was where God was calling me.”

Brown (far left) pictured with brothers showing support for the victims of 9/11

Brown (far left) pictured with brothers showing support for the victims of 9/11

Within the year of his active status, Hunter has become a key brother in the fraternity. Serving our brotherhood in numerous positions, he is currently serving in his second semester as Brotherhood Chairman, organizing events and activities to unite the brothers of Kappa Phi in fun and fellowship.

He has chosen John 11:35 as his life verse, “Jesus wept.” The shortest verse in the Bible, it reminds him of the humanity of Jesus Christ. He felt pain and sorrow like us.

Regardless of where life takes Hunter, he knows that he can overcome life’s challenges through Christ.

Month in Review

With the fifth week of school beginning, students have adjusted to their daily routines and class schedules. Although the semester has just begun, Kappa Phi Epsilon has already experienced great growth internally and in leadership roles on campus. Here’s a quick overview of the last month:

1.) RUSH, Fall 2015 – More than Conquerors

Chapter Advisor Adam Grippen challenges the brotherhood to grow in Christ during Wednesday night of Rush.

Chapter Advisor Adam Grippen challenges the brotherhood to grow in Christ during Wednesday night of Rush.

With the beginning of each semester, one of the biggest events on our calendar is RUSH. This event proves to be extremely important to our brotherhood as we will be accepting new men into our fraternity – men who have the same mission – to glorify God throughout their time in college.

Our theme this semester was based on Romans 8:37, “Nay, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through Him that loved us.”

We were challenged each night by various speakers to evaluate ourselves and be reminded that through Jesus Christ, we can overcome anything.

We are extremely excited to be welcoming the Psi pledge class into our brotherhood!

The brotherhood with the newly-inducted Psi Pledge Class

The brotherhood with the newly-inducted Psi Pledge Class

2.)Dance Marathon at UF

Dance Marathon at the University of Florida is the largest student-run philanthropy in the southeastern United States. Taking place each spring, our brotherhood has been heavily involved each year raising thousands of dollars to help support UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. In past events, our brothers have served as delegates, captains and dancers each playing a vital role to the success of Dance Marathon.

After standing on their feet for 26.2 hours, our brothers stopped for a quick picture.

After standing on their feet for 26.2 hours, our brothers stopped for a quick picture.

Our brotherhood delegate this year is Michael Kramer, and we are thrilled to announce that five of our brothers have been selected as captains for this amazing event!

Chehade Boulos – Multimedia Captain

Matthew Duggar – Operations Captain

Taylor Dunphy – Hospitality Captain

Jacob Leuze – Public Relations Captain

Patrick Rathbun – Entertainment Captain

3.) New Fraternity Sweetheart

It is our complete honor and privilege to announce that our new Sweetheart for the 2015-2016 school year is the beautiful Noelle Rabideau. Noelle, a sister of Chi Omega at UF, has been a dear fraternity friend for many semesters. We look forward to the new school year with Noelle being an integral part of our brotherhood.

Brothers visited the Chi Omega house to announce our new Sweetheart, Noelle.

Brothers visited the Chi Omega house to announce our new Sweetheart, Noelle.

The Admiral Scholarship

This summer Kappa Phi Epsilon is proud to unveil our first annual open scholarship program for incoming male freshmen at the University of Florida, the Admiral Scholarship!

The Admiral is the highest rank in the navy and serves as the official mascot of Kappa Phi Epsilon. The Admiral serves as a symbol for hard work, dedication, and leadership. We hold each of our brothers to the highest standard in pursuing these qualities in their academic performance, their service to others, their leadership in every environment, and their active and faithful trust in God. Excellence in academics, service, leadership, and faith are ideals that Kappa Phi Epsilon holds above all else.

The Admiral Scholarship was created and designed to honor incoming freshmen that represent these ideals and use their gifts to glorify God. The recipient of the scholarship will receive a check worth at least $500.

If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, download the attached PDF file, fill out the application, and submit it to admiralscholarship@kappaphiepsilon.org no later than August 3, 2015. If you have any questions, please direct them to Robert Cazzoli (Director of Scholarship) at the aforementioned email address.

Admiral Scholarship Application

Featured Brother: Nicky Harrington

Nicky Harrington

Nicky Harrington

Meet Nicky Harrington, a second-year, health science major.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, Nicky grew up in a Catholic home and attended a Christian elementary and middle school. Growing up in the Christian faith, he believed in Jesus Christ but still had reservations and had not committed his life to Him.

“I was very lukewarm about my faith, and although I believed in God, I did not have an actual relationship with him. It was not until I went on a retreat with my youth group sophomore year of high school that I was truly filled with the Holy Spirit and began to really build a relationship with God,” Nicky stated.

Nicky came to the University of Florida in the fall of 2013. His first semester at UF, he pledged Kappa Phi Epsilon with the Tau pledge class. Since joining Kappa Phi, he has been a key brother of our fraternity. He has served the brotherhood as External Associate Chaplain, Jr. Rush Director, Sr. Rush Director, and he currently serves as Prayer Chairman. He plans on becoming an occupational therapist with a specialty in working with people with special needs. His passion for those with special needs was sparked after he attended “Camp I Am Special,” where he worked closely with children and teenagers with special needs. It was after working this camp when his entire perspective on the value of life was changed. “I am so thankful that God put [this] camp in my life, because so many of the people and memories that I love most have happened because of camp,” said Harrington.

Nicky has chosen Matthew 6:33 as his life verse, “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”

Nicky is a key brother to our fraternity, and we are truly grateful for his servant’s heart, leadership and boldness in his faith.



Nicky attending “Camp I Am Special”

Brothers Elected To Executive Board of HSA

On March 26th, brothers Estevan Torres (Upsilon) and Wilkin David (Tau), were elected President and Treasurer, respectively, to the Hispanic Student Association of the University of Florida. HSA serves as the largest Hispanic organization, and one of the largest student organizations, on campus. Elections consisted of two rounds of nominations for potential candidates, and active members of HSA voted for the candidates they deemed best fit for each office position.

Wilkin (far left) and Estavan (fourth from left) pictured with fellow officers of the HSA

Wilkin (far left) and Estevan (fourth from left) pictured with fellow officers of the HSA

The Hispanic Student Association is an “umbrella organization,”under which are thirteen sub-organizations dedicated to allowing Hispanic students to express themselves, connect to their community, and even pursue professional dreams. HSA hosts and organizes many events for students to partake in through its student-run Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration, which takes place from mid September through mid October.

As President of the Hispanic Student Association, Estevan Torres wants to create an inclusive environment within HSA that welcomes all students to this campus. “As president, I want to continue uniting the Hispanic/Latino community, because as one voice we have the power to make and be the change we want to see,” said Torres.

Torres credits much of his success in the Hispanic Student Association to his involvement within Kappa Phi Epsilon. “Being apart of Kappa Phi has helped me stay grounded in the Word and in fellowship with like-minded men who are pursuing God’s heart and purpose for their life with everything they have. I recognize that anything I have, or any position, or influence I hold isn’t for my will or glory, but for His will and glory.”

As Treasurer of HSA, David is responsible for managing the organization’s budget, which is second largest organization budget at the University of Florida.

“My duties include allocating the appropriate funds to thirteen organizations under HSA and allocating the appropriate funds to the largest student-run Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration in the nation,” said David. “Kappa Phi has helped me in the pursuit of this title by introducing me to a brotherhood that has committed itself to having an impact and reflecting Christ’s grace throughout campus.”

We are extremely proud of these men for continuing to make a difference for Christ on campus. We pray for God’s guidance and blessing on their future endeavors.

Kappa Phi Alumnus Named President of Florida Blue Key


Dave Chauncey

Kappa Phi Epsilon alumnus Dave Chauncey (Epsilon) was elected President of Florida Blue Key, the University of Florida’s most prestigious honorary.

Chartered with the mission of developing civic mindedness, civility, and life-long learning and service, Florida Blue Key is the University of Florida’s leadership honorary founded in 1923. It is nationally recognized as the breeding ground of Florida’s future leaders, including eleven Florida governors (such as Lawton Chiles, Buddy MacKay, and Spessard Holland), numerous United States Senators (such as Bob Graham, Marco Rubio, Bill Nelson and George Smathers), and countless civic and business leaders throughout the country.

Florida Blue Key also hosts all UF Homecoming activities including Gator Growl, known as the “World’s Largest Student Run Pep Rally”.

“It is a tremendous honor to represent Kappa Phi Epsilon as Florida Blue Key President,” said Chauncey. “FBK is an organization near and dear to my heart, but I would not be where I am today without Kappa Phi and God’s grace.” Chauncey arrived at the University of Florida in 2006 and knew very little about the University of Florida Greek system, but he learned very quickly. Chauncey found Kappa Phi Epsilon and pledged with the Epsilon pledge class his freshman fall.


Chauncey (left) pictured with University of Florida President, Dr. Kent Fuchs (middle)

Chauncey was elected Internal Vice President for his sophomore year and President of Kappa Phi Epsilon for his senior year. “My presidency was a good time in many ways for Kappa Phi. We grew a lot, with our largest pledge class at the time of twenty-five and nearly eighty overall members in the spring, but we had many difficult situations that God helped lead us through,” explained Chauncey.

Chauncey graduated in 2010 and served as a Teach For America corps member for two years at Jean Ribault Middle School in Jacksonville, FL. “That was a defining time in my life as I really had to lean on God, because teaching 7th and 8th grade is anything but easy,” said Chauncey. There were many difficulties, but God again remained faithful. During his time at Ribault, the school improved from an F to a C, and 94% of his students passed the writing portion of the FCAT. Chauncey returned to the University of Florida College of Law in 2012 and is currently a third year law student. He serves as Chapter Adviser for Kappa Phi Epsilon and serves on the Heritage Alumni Board.

“It really is amazing to see God bless Kappa Phi so much with Dylan Fisher being Student Senate President and me being able to serve as Florida Blue Key President.” Chauncey is the first brother of Kappa Phi Epsilon to become Florida Blue Key President and the 159th President of the prestigious honorary.

Featured Brother: Tyler Ferguson

Meet Tyler Ferguson.



Tyler (far right) pictured with his parents, younger sister and brother (who is also a brother of Kappa Phi Epsilon).

Suave, talented and accomplished, the ladies love this guitar-playing, song-writing electrical engineering major from Seminole, Florida. Tyler pledged Kappa Phi with the Sigma pledge class in the spring of 2013. Since joining, he has been a key brother of the fraternity. He has served the brotherhood as Worship Chairman, which includes leading and planning worship each night during our Rush weeks, weekly Chapter meetings, and Retreat weekends.

Tyler not only serves our brotherhood, but he is also heavily involved in the community, occasionally leading worship at Greenhouse Church, a local church in Gainesville. He is a member of the University of Florida’s Audio Engineering Society, the University Choir, and he has also been a member of UniteNOW (a campus Christian worship team completely student-led). He was runner-up for Alpha Omicron Pi’s Mr. UF Pageant in 2014, where he won “Best Talent,” wooing the audience with his musical performance.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Tyler wants to find a steady job in his career choice, marry Mrs. Right and find a church where he can continue leading worship. Tyler has chosen 1 Corinthians 10:13 as his life verse because he knows that no matter where life takes him, God will never give him more than he can handle.


Tyler (top right) pictured with fellow band members of UniteNOW.