Recruitment Fall 2019

Rushing Kappa Phi Epsilon

Kappa Phi Epsilon is dedicated to recruiting and developing passionate followers of Jesus at the University of Florida. The future of our fraternity is dependent on the quality of the individuals we bring in. We are looking for men who are serious about succeeding in life and business. We hold a Rush Week at the start of the Fall and Spring terms. At Rush, we will welcome you in and share with you about ourselves and the heart of our fraternity. We keep a relaxed atmosphere with catered food, music and fellowship. We host our brothers, ladies from sister sororities and potential members. It is the best opportunity learn more about us and meet and network with our brothers. This Fall, our Rush nights will be held from August 26-29, with Formal Rush on August 30 (invitation only).

The Pledgeship Process

Since inception, pledgeship has been a part of fraternities. When most think of pledging a fraternity, images of hazing, pointless and mindless tasks come to mind. At Kappa Phi Epsilon, however, pledgeship is not for mistreatment of new members. We see pledgeship for spiritual and emotional growth that will lay the foundation for leadership and guide men to be hard-working and productive members of their community carrying forward the name of Jesus. We have a large brotherhood and alumni base that wants to see our pledges and brothers succeed while at UF and after graduation.