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Pledgeship Means Discipleship. The idea of Pledgeship or New Member Education has been used in fraternities for countless years. When most think of pledging a fraternity, images of hazing and pointless tasks come to mind. The goal of a pledge is to simply endure the period and become an active brother. Here at Kappa Phi Epsilon, the time of pledgeship is not a period to use or abuse new members, but to see spiritual growth through discipleship and brotherhood that will lay the foundation for leadership and guide men towards a more passionate and disciplined relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pledgeship with Kappa Phi Epsilon is a discipleship program designed for incoming new members who seek to be leaders for the glory of God on the campus of the University of Florida and in their communities back home. The program is meant to ground new members in the word of God and the truth of the gospel. Elder members of the fraternity, including the President and Chaplain, seek to share their experiences and lessons learned with new members while discussing and teaching precepts for a faith in Jesus Christ that will persevere through college and into adulthood. This discipleship process is what Jesus sought with his own apostles during his ministry and how he wanted the church to grow.

The goal of pledgeship is simple: we want to light a spiritual fire in your life through the spirit of God that will effect your family, friends, hometowns, and the University of Florida. Jesus said, "The lukewarm, I will spit from my mouth," so our goal is to turn the heat up in your life and open the doors to a world of passion and knowledge for the things of God. We seek to ignite a personal devotional life in your walk while also introducing you to a culture of service that Christians were called to do by loving the "least of these" or "the orphans and widows." Kappa Phi Epsilon seeks to provide a balanced Christian, discipleship course that equips brothers in how to defend the
faith, lead in the church, and find a more fulfilling personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The brotherhood found in Kappa Phi Epsilon and during pledgeship is something unmatched at the University of Florida. The growth experienced in the faith is not just personal, but also group. The fellowship and bond of pledge brothers is something that is not easily broken and lasts a lifetime for many. Pledges also pick a big brother to mentor and disciple them in the faith on an even more personal level than the pledge trainers and elder teachers. Brothers from all walks of life and denominations in the church will tell you stories of the friendship created and sustained into adulthood that occur through pledging Kappa Phi Epsilon.

We also want pledgeship to be a time of seeking the Lord's discernment and vision for your life. What better time to seek God's vision for your life then right now during college. Our prayer and plead to you is not to waste your college years and life in things that don't matter, but sow to the things of eternity that will last forever. We believe you need a brotherhood in place for encouragement, accountability, and discipleship to be the man of God you need to be in this life.

We also realize college is a busy time and the program aims to improve time-management skills and help you in your studies since we see our academics as a witness. If we think college is a busy time, what about after college when we have a profession, family, kids, and a role in our church and community? Kappa Phi Epsilon wants to help you make the most of your college years by providing you a brotherhood of friends and coworkers with Christ that you will make countless memories with and have some amazing times. There are countless brothers who could tell you about how God used Kappa Phi Epsilon to change their lives and was the absolute highlight of their college career.

We are far from a normal brotherhood or fraternity, yet we also hold the socials, tailgates, date functions, homecoming festivities, and formals that make Greek life such a staple on college campuses. Our principle and vision is purely rooted in encouraging one another in the faith and making memories that will last a lifetime. We have a zero-tolerance hazing-policy, not only because hazing is unethical, but because it stands in the way of the gospel and our ministry.

Kappa Phi Epsilon really is the best of both worlds, combining fraternity and ministry into a blend of fun, discipleship, and brotherly love that is found in few other places. This is not just pledge training, this is life training. Pledgeship means Discipleship.

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